Saliva Drug Tests – Why is This Better?

Drug testing is easy nowadays because of the existence of drug testing kits used to detect drug abuse. There are two ways to collect specimen samples for drug test kits and that is through urine and saliva. But when it comes to drug testing, saliva drug tests are highly preferred. There are reasons why saliva is deemed better than urine testing.



Easier and More Convenient Drug Testing



Drug testing with urine is more complicated than saliva tests because you obviously need to urinate just to collect a specimen. You’ll have to wait to feel the need to urinate as well as you still need to go inside the comfort room just to collect urine. But a saliva drug test is easier and more convenient because you can just collect the sample right there and then even if you are not inside the comfort room.



More Accurate Drug Testing



Drug abuse detection in urine usually does not show quickly, especially if it has just been a few minutes ago that the person took illegal drugs. This is why many drug abusers can easily get away with it. But with saliva drug tests, there is no need to wait for hours before conducting the test just so results will show. Drug abuse can be accurately detected faster.



Hard to Cheat On



With urine tests, cheating is quite easy. Other people just dilute their urine with water. But with a saliva drug test, even if you drink water, positive results will still show if you really did take drugs.


In drug testing, accuracy is very important and there will be no accuracy if the test can just be cheated on as well as if there is difficulty in collecting specimen as mistakes can be made. The fact that saliva drug tests offer more ease, accuracy and integrity makes it the most reliable drug testing option nowadays. For more information find out here.



Hair or Urine- Which Drug Test Gives Right Result?

You know that Drug Test Cup Kits, available for checking some illegal substance, are of various types. However, their main difference is seen because they involve various samples. Here, you can find information on whether these tests are accurate in nature.

Can hair test give precise result?

Hair drug testing technique is one of the precise ways for assessing a person, which has been suspected of drug abuse case. This test seems to be more responsive, if compared to urine test, because its points of detection are not quite higher. Hair test does not merely denote the existence and absence of any drug. But, it also determines the frequency of using the substance, for instance, high or low.

However, the main problem, relevant to hair drug analysis accuracy is that you cannot detect marijuana all the time. While a person takes this substance only on occasion, it may not appear on your drug test. When you have a desire to test marijuana completely, it is better to go for urine testing, which is much accurate.

Urine test and its accuracy-

The strips, which are attached to Drug Test Cup Kits, have two points. Control section may help you in seeing whether your testing process is being done flawlessly. A particular line has to come into view, whenever you do the test.

If any urine specimen has drugs, then those substances may be present on test strip. They do not allow the line to be formed in Test region. You may try out urine test because it is approved by FDA. Moreover, it is expected that the test results are almost ninety to ninety-nine percent correct. While there is negative result, no test is required in future.

Thus, buy your Drug Test Cup Kits, and choose any sample for initiating the test. For more information check here:-


When Did Drug Testing Start In Olympics?

It sounds strange but the use of PEDs or rather Performance Enhancing Drugs has always been part and parcel of the Olympic Games since its inception centuries ago in Athens, Greece. The practice still continues today, despite the fact that there are scheduled drug tests for all Olympic Games participants in active sports. There is some light at the end of the tunnel though with the fact that over the years, drug tests that have turned positive have significantly reduced. But to critically analyze how the tests are conducted at the Olympics today, one must first go back to a time when drug tests started at the Olympics. (Drug Tests In Bulk)

Use of magic portions

History notes that as early as the 19th Century, Greeks participating in Olympic Games used specific herbs and portions which they referred to as the ‘Magic Portion’. There was nothing wrong with the use of such portions back then. With time, though, organizers of Olympic Games noted that the portions created an unfair advantage to competing sportsmen and women. Not everyone could afford the portions. So the portions were eventually banned. First forward to the 20th Century and the portions were completely gone. A bigger problem had taken the ‘magic portion’s place’ – the use of PEDs. The first recorded case was in 1904.


Detailed tests became mandatory by 1960 before major sporting events. It wasn’t long before the International Olympic Committee took action. In 1967, the Committee announced that it comes up with a strategic plan in testing Olympic Games participants. The following year, the committee recorded its first ever positive test at the Sweden Summer Olympics. Much has changed since then. Sportsmen and women participating in the Olympics today are sometimes forced to appear before 5 panel drug test or even 10 panel drug test personnel. All this is in a bid to ensure integrity guides the Olympic Games. For more information find out here.


The Drug Test- That Is the Hardest One to Pass

Nowadays, as the drug abuse cases are increasing, it is highly essential to make out those people, who take drugs. So, drug tests of different types are arranged to find the drugs inside one’s body, and these are done with Drug Test Kit. However, many people want to know about the drug tests that are difficult to pass.

Blood, urine and saliva test

Blood tests and saliva drug tests are found to be accurate; however, they can check the drug record of the last few days or week. Besides, urine testing also may give accurate result; however, in many of the instances, the samples have the possibility to get adulterated. Moreover, it is also little complicated, while done in the lab because dilution, temperatures and the existence of adulterants are checked.

Hair test- the hardest one

Hair drug test also gives accurate result, though it is much expensive. It seems that among all the options, hair drug test seems to be the hardest one to pass.  Nowadays, it is very difficult for the sportsmen to pass easily in the hair drug testing procedure. There are obviously some reasons behind it. As you may be able to get the drug record of ninety days, it is very tough for someone to keep anything secret. In fact, the test of the hair follicle is very hard to adulterate. The hair drug test checks the possible drugs, present in the hair by breaking the hair. Besides, one cannot remove the drugs by means of shampoos or some other techniques, and here comes the drug testing supplies.

Thus, if you are a sportsman, you should prepare yourself to undergo a drug test. Never take drugs at any time and keep in mind that hair drug test is very powerful to detect any kind of drug with the help of drug test cups or drug test cup kits. For more information find out here.


Drug Test Cups – Useful For Performing Drug Tests!

Drug Test Cups are used to perform the drug test as the process of drug test involves taking your hair, saliva or urine in the test cup. You can perform the drug test for making your surroundings addiction free and this addictions may lead to severe problems like drug addiction, alcohol addiction and many more addictions are there that people has and didn’t want to get themselves out of this addictions. By performing regular drug tests using the drug test cups, you will able to identify the amount of drug in your body and will able to overcome this problem.

Drug Test Cups are very useful for performing the whole drug test procedure. You have to find the best company who is dealing with all these drug testing needs that people want to get performed in the right ways.

There are various types of drug testing products –

•    Collection cups

•    Test cups

•    Dip cards

•    Adulteration strips

•    Bluing tablets

•    And other testing supplies

If you will contact the best and reputed people from the city for buying the Drug Test Cups, the skilled staff will answer all your doubts regarding the drug tests. Drug test is the process in which the analysis is done for finding the drug presence in one’s body. The process involves taking the sample of people’s hair, urine, sweat, saliva, breath for finding the presence of drug in the body.

The overall testing of drugs is performed for various purposes, like in sports it is detected for testing a sportsman’s works performance, employees for testing their work performance, and police does this test for finding the alcohol presence in one’s body. Drug Test Cups is the first need when you are thinking about drug testing and with this you will able to perform the whole process with ease. For more information find out here.


Multi Panel Vs. Single Panel Drug Test Kits

Multi-panel drug testing kits are designed to test for more than one drug on a single sample. Tests are available in different panel sizes to allow companies to decide what they would like to screen for. These tests are also commonly performed using urine drug testing cups. Common drugs that are available on these drug panels are Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Methadone. The overall cost of multi-panel drug testing kits is significantly higher than the single panel testing kits available. Drugs remain in the system for different lengths of time depending on the frequency of usage and the dosage. These tests must account for that range and factor in some variance to avoid any false results. False positives occur more frequently than false negative results due to other prescription or over the counter medications that the individual may be taking. Multi-panel drug testing kits are available in many different drug testing capacities ranging from 2 to sometimes 12 or more. Single panel drug testing kits are designed to detect drug usage for a specific type of drug. These tests are available for testing for Marijuana, Cocaine or Oxycodone usage. If a company wants to test for more than one type of drug usage, they typically choose a multi-panel drug testing kit since they will test for more and different types of drugs. This type of testing is performed using urine drug testing cups and results are typically ready within minutes depending on the testing brand. For more information visit us.