Hair or Urine- Which Drug Test Gives Right Result?

You know that Drug Test Cup Kits, available for checking some illegal substance, are of various types. However, their main difference is seen because they involve various samples. Here, you can find information on whether these tests are accurate in nature.

Can hair test give precise result?

Hair drug testing technique is one of the precise ways for assessing a person, which has been suspected of drug abuse case. This test seems to be more responsive, if compared to urine test, because its points of detection are not quite higher. Hair test does not merely denote the existence and absence of any drug. But, it also determines the frequency of using the substance, for instance, high or low.

However, the main problem, relevant to hair drug analysis accuracy is that you cannot detect marijuana all the time. While a person takes this substance only on occasion, it may not appear on your drug test. When you have a desire to test marijuana completely, it is better to go for urine testing, which is much accurate.

Urine test and its accuracy-

The strips, which are attached to Drug Test Cup Kits, have two points. Control section may help you in seeing whether your testing process is being done flawlessly. A particular line has to come into view, whenever you do the test.

If any urine specimen has drugs, then those substances may be present on test strip. They do not allow the line to be formed in Test region. You may try out urine test because it is approved by FDA. Moreover, it is expected that the test results are almost ninety to ninety-nine percent correct. While there is negative result, no test is required in future.

Thus, buy your Drug Test Cup Kits, and choose any sample for initiating the test. For more information check here:-

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