Saliva Drug Tests – Why is This Better?

Drug testing is easy nowadays because of the existence of drug testing kits used to detect drug abuse. There are two ways to collect specimen samples for drug test kits and that is through urine and saliva. But when it comes to drug testing, saliva drug tests are highly preferred. There are reasons why saliva is deemed better than urine testing.



Easier and More Convenient Drug Testing



Drug testing with urine is more complicated than saliva tests because you obviously need to urinate just to collect a specimen. You’ll have to wait to feel the need to urinate as well as you still need to go inside the comfort room just to collect urine. But a saliva drug test is easier and more convenient because you can just collect the sample right there and then even if you are not inside the comfort room.



More Accurate Drug Testing



Drug abuse detection in urine usually does not show quickly, especially if it has just been a few minutes ago that the person took illegal drugs. This is why many drug abusers can easily get away with it. But with saliva drug tests, there is no need to wait for hours before conducting the test just so results will show. Drug abuse can be accurately detected faster.



Hard to Cheat On



With urine tests, cheating is quite easy. Other people just dilute their urine with water. But with a saliva drug test, even if you drink water, positive results will still show if you really did take drugs.


In drug testing, accuracy is very important and there will be no accuracy if the test can just be cheated on as well as if there is difficulty in collecting specimen as mistakes can be made. The fact that saliva drug tests offer more ease, accuracy and integrity makes it the most reliable drug testing option nowadays. For more information find out here.


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